𝒻 𝓁 𝑜 𝓊 𝓇 𝒾 𝓈 𝒽
flour·ish | ˈflər-ish  , ˈflə-rish
There are many ways to perish, or to flourish.

How old pain, for example, can stall us at the threshold of function.

Memory: a golden bowl, or a basement without light.

Still, friends, consider stone, that is without the fret of gravity, and the water that is without anxiety.

And the pine trees that never forget their recipe for renewal.

And consider, always, every day, the determination of the grass to grow despite the unending obstacles.

Excerpts from Mary Oliver’s Evidence

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Honradez Brutal is an independent artist-run platform. We aim to experiment in our process as we push the boundaries of what an exhibition space holds and who it holds space for. Our installments, whether online or off, are meant to be fluid in experience.

We do not limit submissions to strictly 2D work as people communicate in multiple forms. We welcome audio, video, and tactile submissions that involve any and all senses.

Our submissions are open to all artists in any stage of their career. BIPOC and underrepresented individuals are strongly encouraged to submit.

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