phantom ring

it’s 2019 and im standing outside
sufficient to have stood
though free to fall

dead computer
flash light on your face
  phantom ring
right on time or late into the traffic
you fell completely

it was understood
without actually being there
an image
  or carry all
web of ambition
kept going
kept quitting

wanted to be friendly

  but felt like

you should just pass by

rule of design

  sad girl with dirt on her bed

ever clear
ever dumb
trudged around
more bowlegged
or splayfooted
toward purpose than usual

can I be filling
can I be a file

life and simulated life

  delivering low religion to your DMs

anywhere you land is land lost the batteries ran out

now u r running out

  don’t stay awake on Monday night

straight into the fire n I told you

  it’d be hot

faith kept failing
the answer,
  still loading

so you declared loss
and lived in loss
sucking in the mantras of electronic media

  Are you still working for everyone?

sealed in moisture
set on vibrate

your solemn and destitute heart
placed in your back pocket
cries out
in search of the real virgin Mary

cc calloway