There is no decline

In my love, throughout surges of pain.

After all, a body

Can not fully exist in 360 vision.

If sights do control

If minds only see

I wish you not a responsibility to feel me.

But if attention is paired with pain

And your finger in my wound could

Point to where it hurts. I’d agree;

I’m not broken, I’m alive.

Feigning Feigning Feigning Feigning Intimacy

You are more than what I touch

As is this desire

Stronger than what hurts.

A body in pain is exposing stone

I bear my fruit, I need not be replanted.

But should illness inflict upon my roots and

Tremors do appear

Save what is good

Begin again to tend to what is bound to grow

And perform rights upon that which hath

Lost so instead.

For the tree in me a seed I’ll be.

Not stricken so yet by the sun

Rather soaking in the moistness

Of a thousand deaths a thousand lives

Focused, not to hypnotize, but to wait

In the patient arms of a hunger that knows

It is not the body that is its bait.

gabri andino