Lightning in the Blood





the sym

metry of I.:.


Got you: dreams

flow cutting edge

moon.  Bear constel


-cutli/el señor de la aurora.

The trace serrate across crab

nebula super nova to the equi

-librium in the DNA & the 405 e

-lements and spirits.  Outside spa

-ce/time continuum like suns shine

inside voices shard from sunstone

calendars ebb and glow in the mind

stream.  Words cut/I bleed this slow

-ly moments seep away and the hour

glass turn to stone/pyramid shifts acce

-lerate.  In the memories glare Uxmal 7

temples lost in space/step forward a cym

-bal engraved by Shield Jaquar in Yaxchilan. 2

eyes sheer words from another time lapse pho-

tographic in Balamcan: there are 365 steps and

a serpentine light down the staircase in the solstice.

Quetzalcoatl’ metamorphoses into Texcatlipoca’ sight

or thoughts struck from the jade immaterial ether built

on perception multisensory: its chicnahui quiahuitl tititl yei

acatl or 9 rain gathering 3 reed in the Tonalpohualli carry it

with in these words fractured visual resonance invisible/I or

thoughts lacerate time.  Crossover meridians of light like peach

blossoms spring in winter snows.  Tlatoani Cuauhtemoczin holo

-gram here inscribed that is suns crash into rainbows.  Like these/I

thought experiments breathed into word–prayers: so the poetic ke

-eps bleeding.         In ceremony the silex–shard into cloud cover in

the jade iris glare.   Language weaved in staleae of memories repose:

tijax in k’iche maya is the glyph for flint knife sharpened obsidian eyes.

Fire as embers splint into light how easily these monarch butterfly–sky

streaked from solar flares and stardust.   As moons/suns blink of and I/

white dwarfs aftershock waves into meteor showers give/beam refract in

shaded ideas without time/lapse ideographic screens in concrete langua

-ge.  In the multi dimensionality of worlds/lives in these instances as stars

Implode gamma rays are lighting these x rays scarred from ancestral DNA/I.

josé d. treyo-maya